Weekend Briefing No. 9

Why everybody is pissed at Facebook.Brands have worked hard to build up their Facebook following. However over the last year, the amount of users that see any given post from a brand has dropped by 50%, but don’t worry, Facebook allows you to sponsor (pay Facebook money) a post, to increase the number of users that actually see your post. This may be one of the biggest bait and switch campaigns of all time causing outrage across the web. My favorites are Eat24’s breakup letter and this smart video. Is Facebook still a relevant tool to connect with your audience if you have to pay to play?

Three Lessons on Social Enterprise from Jay Z. Our friend Kohl Crecelius, CEO of Krochet Kids – an amazing knitwear social enterprise – breaks it down for us in this Forbes post.

Should you bootstrap or raise venture capital?One CEO, who has bootstrapped one business and raised over $75 Million in venture capital for another, has some advice.

Crowdsourcing the cure to cancer. Andrew Hessel and his team believe that open source synthetic biology – the process of 3D printing living organisms – will enable cheap, bespoke cures for cancer patients. Can you imagine a cancer treatment made just for you, in a day?

Paul Polak’s open letter to Larry Page. In response to Larry Page’s interview at TED, where he said that he’d rather give money to Elon Musk than a philanthropic organization. Social enterprise icon Paul Polak challenges Page to invest in technology and technological infrastructure at the base of the pyramid to see both profit & purpose.