Weekend Briefing No. 5

Welcome to the WEEKEND BRIEFING.

Will impact investing be the next venture capital? Sir Ronald Cohen thinks so. See his thoughts in this Harvard Business Review article.

Behavioral economics can increase savings. According to a new white paper when behavioral principles are embedded in the product design, clients were 73% more likely to deposit into a savings account, initial deposits increase by 15%, and in 8 weeks balances were 37% higher than their peers.

Car-Sharing is disrupting urban transportation. According to a recent study, there are already 500,000 fewer vehicles on the road. By 2020, 4 million people will be sharing cars, and that there will be 1.2 million fewer cars.

Skoll Foundation announces 2014 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. A special congrats to friends Tyler Goodwin of WSUP and Jay Gilbert & Andrew Kassoy of B Labs. Click here for the full list.

Khan Academy jumps into SAT prep. SAT and Khan Academy don’t think rich kids should be the only one with access to quality tutoring, so they opened up their material for free. Read more here.

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