Weekend Briefing No. 39

Welcome to the weekend! This weekend I turn 35 and as an annual tradition, we are celebrating drinking bourbon and eating chocolate. You should stop by if you’re in Brooklyn. As I contemplate turning another year older, I find myself overcome with gratitude. My time in New York has often been marked by struggle (especially the first few years), but I’ve had great opportunities to go after the life I want to lead. I’m grateful for my community… and that includes you. Thanks for being loyal subscribers. To show my gratitude, here are some fresh tunes for November (rdio / spotify). Enjoy!


Is this the world you want? You’re making it. I’ve been listening to this song Is This the World you Want on repeat the last few weeks and it’s been hitting me hard… forcing me to ask the question of whether my actions align with the world I say I want. Our actions are shaping the world around us every day. Click here to listen to the song and read my reactions. Feel free to leave comments.


Optimism in the face of criticism. You probably heard last week that uBeam – a company attempting to wireless charging of phones (and other devices) as easy as WiFi – raised a $10 MM round. The implications of this technology are epic. You also may have heard that a physicist wrote a blog that allegedly shows that this technology is impossible and that this investment represents everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley (did he miss Yo!?). One of those investors, Marc Suster, responded in this intelligent post check it out.


Another compelling annual report. A few weeks ago, we looked at Krochet Kids Annual Report as an exemplar on social impact reporting. This week Many Hopes just released theirs. It’s slightly less multi-media, but is another great example of creating compelling and engaging content while focusing on the data. Check it out here.


Facebook adds an ebola donate button. After donating $25 million of his own money to help fight the spread of Ebola, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now wants 1.3 billion of his closest friends to chip in. Facebook users will have the option to donate to one of three non-profits: International Medical Corps, the Red Cross, or Save the Children. Read this Quartz article to learn whether this is a good thing


Dollars & Change. On Thursday I was a guest on a Sirius XM radio show called Dollars & Change, a show run by the Wharton School of Business about social entrepreneurship. We discussed legal structures and the future of social enterprise. If you missed it, you can click here to listen to the interview.



You should job-hop through your 20s. You’ll be happier and will also earn more money in your 30s and 40s.


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