Weekend Briefing No. 1

The current paradigm forces an either/or choice. An organization either exists to maximize profit or purpose. Recently a groundswell of innovative organizations have disrupted that paradigm and proven that an organization can generate profit and purpose. We are witnessing the rise of social enterprise.


Profit & Purpose is a book featuring those innovative organizations that are not just financially, but socially and environmentally prosperous. Profit & Purpose tells the narrative and draws practical lessons from hot new startups like Etsy, Warby Parker, Charity: Water, more established companies like Method and Burt’s Bees as well as multinational companies like Coca-Cola, IBM and Nike. Offering a behind the scenes glimpse of how For-Purpose Organizations grew from concept to scale, Profit & Purpose is a study on what makes them successful. Though there is no magic bullet formula to guarantee success, seven key values seem to emerge. Profit & Purpose offers these values (below) as a guiding framework for social innovation.


DISCOVER THROUGH CURIOSITY. Finding the right opportunity catalyzes impact.

DESIGN WITH HUMILITY. Prioritizing users creates killer products.

BUILD THROUGH HUSTLE. Rallying people creates critical momentum for launch.

FUND BY COMMITMENT. Aligning funders around a vision creates committed partners.

CONNECT WITH AUTHENTICITY. Authentic connection builds a movement.

SCALE THROUGH COMMUNITY. Focusing on culture ensures smart growth.

EVALUATE WITH HONESTY. Honest measurement ensures continual improvement.


By applying these values, those building their own organizations (social entrepreneurs) and those seeking to create change within an existing organization (social intrapreneurs) will lead us into the future of business by blending profit and purpose.